Friday, September 24, 2010


Sometimes I wonder whether other parents worry constantly that they're muddling things up more often than not?

It's only 7:38 a.m., and already I've done a gazillion things I wish I hadn't.


  1. No, all the other parents are perfect.
    You're the only one who muddles things up.

    Guess you missed the memo?

  2. My morning was kinda like that too. :)

    Just found your blog through Stacey's (2 Girls in Love).

    Looking forward to reading more. I have a private blog but if you want to read I'll send you an invite. Email me at shannonhancock @ rogers .com

  3. I wondered this very thing on FB the other day, what the ratio of good/bad mommy days oughta be and was thankfully reminded that days are not the currency; hours... or maybe even moments. This is a hard job we've got.