Monday, September 27, 2010

It Gets Better

Hey folks...

If you haven't already heard about this project, then you should!  Dan Savage,  naughty columnist extraordinaire ("Savage Love") and his partner Terry have spearheaded this amazing project on YouTube. 

It's called the "It gets better" project, and it's aimed at queer youth who are struggling their way through the teenage years, (with the added baggage of homophobia, anti-gay bullying, and way-above-average risk of suicidality - fun times). 

Savage created the project in response to a suicide of a 15 year old gay youth who was experiencing horrific bullying in his highschool.  He's set up a You Tube channel and is currently collecting video submissions from queer peeps talking about how much better their lives have become once they made it past highschool. 

Take a moment to stop by the site - it's chalk full of inspiring stories - both recounting the difficulties of high school experiences, and sharing the triumphs of making it through.    

And take a moment to pass it on... this is a project that really needs to get far and wide!

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