Friday, September 10, 2010

unfinished blog-i-ness

I have several unfinished blogs.  I start and really intend to finish them.  Some of them are even good ideas.  But my blogging time happens whilst the kids are napping.  And sometimes the kiddos naps are a bit on the theoretical side.

(I try, from time to time, to blog when the smalls are sleeping.  But since we don't do a whole lot of nighttime sleeping - a la Girlio - most days I'm far too braindead by 8 p.m. to even have a conversation, much less try to write something with even a semblance of point). 

Anyhoo.  Today, I wanted to finish a blog I'd started about Boy-o's school (I swear, someday, I will finish it).  And this is what actually happened:

Noon - read Boy-o stories with Girlio pulling all of the books off of his shelves.

12:15 - settle Boy-o down in bed and head to Girlio's room for bum change and nappage

12:25 - head back to check on Boy-o who is, unlike most days, still commitedly awake.  Lie down with Boy-o and snuggle, in the hopes that this will do the trick.  It sometimes does.

12:30 - Heard from Girlio's room: "Mama! MAMA!"  Scoot out of bed, reminding Boy-o that he at least needs to try to sleep.

12:36 - Still attempting to resettle Girlio, whilst hearing Boy-o consistently call out: "Mama?!  Mama?  What are you doing Mama?  Mama?  Where are you?"  

12:45 - Amazingly, Girlio falls asleep. Amazingly amazingly, I do not utter a single swear directed at my loud wondering son during this episode.  I make it back to Boy-o's room, with him still achattering way, any hope of "me time" dwindling away. 

12:50 - I set Boy-o free, with the bargain of quiet play-doh time at the table, thinking that this will buy me some blogging time.

12:51 -  Get Boy-o set up.  Girlio wakes again.  Cat meowing in her room.

12:52 - Shhhh, shhh, shhh Girlio while resisting strong urge to throw cat down the hallway.

12:58 - Girlio re re-settled.  Back to kitchen table.  Pop open computer.  Head to blog site.  Begin writing this while it's still in my head.   Listen to a constant chatter of things like:  " Mama?  Mama?  See my pancake?  Mama?  I made a pink pancake.  I'm making it really flat, Mama.  Mama, it has three colours now.  It's really squished together. It's really old.  I'm making it really old.  Mama?  Mama!"  Try to murmur encouraging sounds, like "mmmm"  and "uh-huh" and "oh yeah..." while actually ignoring the child.

1:15 - Small voice from beside me getting more insistant.   Guilt getting stronger.  "Mama?  Do you want to help me learn?"  Ha!  I challenge any mama to try and ignore that one.  Finish off blog.  Give up any remaining hope of  "me" time today, and getting caught up on the last bit of an unfinished blog. 

1:16 - Hit publish post.  Pick up a piece of play-doh.

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