Monday, September 6, 2010

Some random things I love right now

1.  spontaneous kidlet snoogles.

2.  kitchen dance parties with my peeps.

3.  a nice glass of pinot grigio as the kidlets are drifting off.  (and the kidlets drifting off!)

4.  tiny bits of by myself-ness, here and there. 

5.  small stolen moments of adultness here and there, with my wifey and friends.

6.  crisp fall days with crunchy, colourful leaves and sunshine and sweaters.

7.  a nice run on the days where it feels liberating and exhilarating, as opposed to the days where it feels like, well, more work.

8.  my bloggity blog, which feels like a place where I can be me, and is, in large part responsible for me getting me groove back.

9.  the satisfying first 30 seconds after I clean the house.

10.  catching the rare, but ever-so-slowly increasing moments where my babies play together (without anyone being bludgeoned!).


  1. Fun list -- I especiallyu love #9, the first 30 seconds after you clean the house.

    I curse and sigh as I vacuum daily --- one dog runs and hides, the other walks behind my shaking his fur off to replace the stuff I am whisking away. Aaaaargh!

  2. I love your blog too. It's awesome. In every way.