Monday, September 20, 2010

school drop-off fashion

Dilemma #1:  I've gone from having a job where no one sees me but my kiddos, to having a job that requires dropping one of said kiddos off to school every morning.  Where copious amounts of people see me.  Grown-up people. 

Dilemma #2:  I have a woefully inadequate outside-the-house-where-other-grown-ups-can-see-me wardrobe.

Dilemma #3: Doing anything about aforementioned wardrobe requires significant raise, because we can't afford new wardrobe AND school.

Dilemma #4 : There's not much chance of the afore-aforementioned significant raise.

Ah poop.


  1. Yeah - I wish I could. It's been my experience that the Goodwill mainly has elastic waist polyester pants (and their ilk) in my size, so after awhile I just gave up the search. (Also, I'm not sew-tastic like you, so I can't alter stuff:)