Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Blues

I am freaking out.  *F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G OUT! *

My baby is starting school this week.

I hemmed and hawed and wondered and queried  and worried and fussed about whether he was ready for this giant leap, especially being half a year behind.  But the truth is, it turns out, that I'm the one who's not ready.  I keep getting teary.  Watching back to school commercials on TV.  Buying him size ten shoes at the store.  TEN!  When did he start wearing size ten shoes?  (The people at Superstore now suspect that I am a total lunatic.)

When did he start saying, "Oh thank you Mama," when I do something for him?  When did he start saying such smart, creative things?  When did he get so tall?   When did he start imaginative play?   Making up cool rhyming songs and dances?   When did he get so grown up?  It happened right before my eyes and I feel like I missed it.  My sweet little sensitive dude, going out into the world.... without me.  

Waaaahhhhhhhhh.  Aw man.  I'm a total mess. 

I'm sure he'll be fine.  (He'll be fine, right?)

But am I going to make it through the first week of school?!?

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  1. Totally and completely get it!!!!

    James is a year younger and started school this year, too. It's how it is done here (full days, too-- he's not yet 3!) and I had to suck it up (ie pretend it was ok before I had my own emotional meltdown) and move forward to the idea of him being a schoolboy and not a little boy. I cried his first day. So did he. I felt awful. He looked small next to the older kids going to the older classes. He didn't look ready...then, I also realized it was me who wasn't ready. He's made friends already and although he's not 100% in love with his teacher, he's happy to leave everyday and skips up the street to his school. When he goes, I feel this guilty, vacant spot...I hope that goes away cuz I hate it.

    The good part is that Little Girl and I now get alone-time which her brother got as a little one and she hasn't thus far. I try to focus on that but I tell you, when that gate opens everyday at 4:20 to pick you kids up, I'm one of the first pushy Mamans through the door!!!

    Good luck, T. It's a huge HUGE step but you'll come out fine. Think of these poor kids...they're now part of the education system for the next 14-25 years depending on how far they want to go with their education! YIKES!!!!

    x's and o's from over here...