Saturday, March 5, 2011

the week catches up

My poor sweet Boy-o is a mess today.  Laughing one minute, a puddle of tears the next, followed by Mount Vesuvious.   The poor little dude's week is catching up with him, big time, and it's partly my fault.  I forget sometimes, how empathetic, how intuitive, how much of a sponge Boy-o is.  All kids are, of course, but he is particularly sensitive to things like environment, change, and the feelings of his parentals. 

So - throw on top of this fact, two incredibly upset parentals who had some bad news on Monday.  And who were still reeling from said news on Tuesday, when the poor little dude gets scalded at a restaurant.  Add to this the fact that Tuesday also included a trip to a new school we are looking at, and the dawning of the realization that he will not be in junior kindergarten, with his beloved teacher, forevermore.  Throw on top of this the rest of the week of parents awash in concern for their burned baby, and outraged at the circumstances that lead to the burns, and those that followed the burns on the part of the restaurant in question (which are now hopefully being dealt with).  And being dragged around to Dr's appts. and having to deal with ouchy, burnt paws.  And THEN, as if that wasn't enough for the poor little dude, his parents took him to a McDonald's with a playplace for Friday dinner for a special treat because his week had been so desparately shitty, where some sonofabitch big kid proceeded to punch him in the face.  For reals.

So -  my poor sweet Boy-o is a mess today. 

After a week like that, who the heck wouldn't be?

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  1. Some weeks just can't end fast enough.

    And I too have a boy who is sponge and at times my ex and I wonder how much he internalizes those stresses in his life. It's so hard to see your child dealing with issues or feelings they shouldn't have to.

    Hope the weekend is a much needed reset for you all.