Friday, March 18, 2011

Barbie's Brazilian

So - I got it hot off the press of Perez Hilton!  Mattel has just realized a doll (a werewolf girl - for real!) whose raison d'etre is plucking, shaving and waxing away all of her bothersome body hair so she can be "scarily fabulous."   Reasonable outrage and uproar greets the doll and Mattel.   Yes, it's right up there with 'math is hard Barbie'. 

While of course, plucky-shavy doll is all kinds of wrong, I almost want to congratulate Mattel for at least producing a doll that has body hair to start with.  Unlike those tippy-footed, weird Barbies who come (and remain) brazilianed for all eternity.  Anyhoo.  The doll sucks.  The concept sucks.  Mattel still sucks.  I'm not really finding in me to muster the outrage, but mostly because I'm not in any way surprised.  


  1. I might be a bad person for saying this but I have always loved Barbie dolls. :P

  2. @ Stacey - I'm no Barbie fan (though I had a few, and tried my damndest to make them into cute brushcut butches and steal their go-go boots for myself ;) But I also don't think Barbie is as cut and dry as good/bad. Barbie is a complicated thing for lots of people!