Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My mommies are coming!  My mommies are coming!  I shout in 'girl-ish' squeal.  

Tonight - the reinforcements arrive.  Two grammas, hungry for some grandkid lovin', ready to sit on the floor and play, nurture, listen to every word that comes outta their mouths, read and snuggle and babysit. 

Oh yes.  L. and I will get a date.  A date-date.  Grown-up time.  I'm going to go out.  I'm going to get a haircut.  Maybe go shopping.  Or take myself and my laptop on a date to a coffee shop.  I'm going to listen to CBC in the car.   I'm going to tune-out.  And oh -man.  Do I ever need to tune out

This morning, (at just before 6 a.m., if you really want to know) as the children were jumping all over me, wild as mini barbarians, grabbing each others' toys and alternately screaming at each other and laughing maniacally, Girlio trying to wrench up my shirt... my eyes started welling with tears and all I could think was: *this is not my life.*   Now I think we're all pretty clear that this, you know, actually is my life.  But I am way depleted.

Tonight - the reinforcements are here. 

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