Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talkin' bout my girl(io)

It is the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. There are so so many things that need to change in our world for real equality, real parity to be achieved. But today is not the day I want to talk about those things. Today I want to celebrate, to venerate, this gorgeous, vibrant, wee (and yet not wee), take-the-world-by-storm, go-getter that is our Girlio.

Holy crap, my baby is growing up! At 20ish months, our little moppet is sporting a shaggy haircut (which she will not let us cut, brush and which requires committing bloody murder to wash). Hence, this particular 'do may be named 'the stubborn streak'. But the 'drama queen' also makes a good alternative.

And while we're on the topic of stubborn... whew! We thought Boy-o had a stubborn streak, as do both L. and I, but it appears as though Girlio will be giving all of us a run for our money! She's got firm beliefs that one.  And they will serve her well.

And she is fast. Holy jeebuz. Her current favorite activity consists of bat-outta-hell sprinting (whilst laughing and yelling, 'I run! I run!' or 'I FAST!'). On wobbly yet surprisingly speedy toddler legs. And most especially in dangerous places where falling would involve scraping off vital body parts from the floor, sidewalk, precipice, whathaveyou.

Like her brother, Girlio is quite enchanted with the concept of performing, and as such, the phrase "WATCH ME!" often escapes her lips. Singing, dancing, and general booty-shakin' is a favourite pastime. Naked booty-shakin' is, of course, especially fun. Just today, she serenaded us as dinner with P!nk lyrics. It's true. Went something like: "Na na na na na na na, na na ROCKSTAR, na na na BOOTS, na na na na na..." Makes a mama proud, I tell ya. She is the proverbial character, our Girlio is.

She still hates to sleep. Like hates hates it. It is her personal challenge in life, it would seem, to outsmart tiredness. And so far, she is doing an admirable job. You gotta hand it to her - kids' got a helluva lot of perseverance! She much prefers cuddling to sleep, any day of the week. She will grab you tight around the neck with her chubby little hands and proclaim "squeeze!" I defy anyone not to melt in the Girlio 'squeeze', (and will admit with some chagrin, this melty goodness occurs no matter what time of night.... little bugger).

And - this kid is clever. She's talking in sentences already, and has a wildly large vocabulary. I say this with some surprise, given that she is the sadly neglected second child. Thus, her big brother and her natural ear will get all of the credit for this, and I will get none! Her mispronunciations never fail to make me giggle, like wino for rhino, or awelcome for your welcome, yoguck for yogurt, and eye-peam instead of ice cream....My very favourite is when she pops out of 'hiding' to yell "APRIZE".  And of course, we are always suitably surprised :)Now I know you're not supposed to encourage mispronunciations in littles - but I'll be mighty sad when she outgrows them.

Our Girlio - she's not be for the faint of heart, and we like it that way!  And boy oh boy are we ever stupid in love with her little tireless self. (Now if only we could keep up with her...).

As my own mama is fond of saying of Girlio: "Bring her again, Governer, she makes me laugh."

Here's to you, baby girl.

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