Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hatin' on the telephone

Look-y! Look-y!

I read this article from the NY Times with some relief, as many many people mock and/or resent my great (and growing everyday) phone reluctance. There are a very few people that I can talk to on the phone comfortably. I much prefer electronic communication where I can control when, how and if I will respond.  For that matter, I much prefer forms of communication that don't ring shrilly at naptime or bedtime, waking up my painstakingly just-asleep children.  Then, via a multitude of available electronic methods, I can make dates with the folks I actually want to see in person, as opposed to stumbling through disjointed, disembodied phone chats, which unless you are my mom, my wife, my kids, or my bff, I have a ridiculously hard time pulling off.  (Moreover, my kiddos hate the time I spend on the phone, limited though it may be).

And, as this article deftly points out - I'm not the only phone phobe out there! And I'm not nearly as silly as people think (well, at least not for that reason).

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