Friday, March 4, 2011

Stories and Songs a la Boy-o

This morning, Boy-o made my week (which was the crappiest week ever!) so much brighter with a story and song writing extravaganza.  Below is his story, followed by three songs ;)  Bless his little musical heart.

Music Dan and His Three Dads

Once there was a boy who loved music very much. He played it every season of the year and every day. He thought he was a rock star. One day when he was playing music, his three dads decided to call him Music Dan. One day when he was playing music something strange happened. Dan ran away. It was a hurricane. It blew Dan off! He went bounce. He went bounce again. And then he ran inside. Then Dan's musical instruments blew out the door! So Dan ran back outside and rescued his instruments. And then he played blocks. And then Dans hurricane got put out by the firefighters. It took a long time.
The End.

My Bicycle's on Fire!

My bicycles on fire
I'm running around
Put on protective gear
My bicycles on fi-yah!
I'm running all around
A firefighter helped me
Now let's get it out
Ringa ringa rum
Fiyah! Fiyah!
Ringa ringa rum!
I'm putting out the fiyah!
Mom I'm all done !

Firefighter song

My telephone is ringing
Suit it up
suit it up
Protective gear
Oxygen mask
Don't breathe in the smoke
Bonga binga Heya hey
Put the fire out
Bonga binga heya hey
Put the fire out!

Me and my Sister.

It's me and my sister
It's a musical story
Ch ch ch ch ch ch
It's musical story
Singing and a dancing
Ch ch ch ch ch ch
She walks in the rainforest
She walks in the rainforest
And it's so far away
And it has bugs in it
Ch ch ch ch ch ch ch
Now my sisters in the rain forest
Now my sister is being eaten by a bear
Ch ch ch ch ch ch ch
Lets stop the bear today
Tell the bear to eat some fish
Mr Bear eat some fish
And put some protective gear on
Ch ch ch ch ch ch ch

(That last one cracks me right up.  Not sure if the protective gear is for his sister or the bear!)

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  1. LMAO so great. And I love how every story and song has something to do with firefighters and their protective gear.