Thursday, April 11, 2013

What the heck do you do all day, Mama?

I'm both writing papers (or madly attempting to), and percolating a blog - so today just a kid story.  This morning, as I am driving the babes to daycare and they are both protesting at having to go to daycare and school when I get to "stay home all day."  So, I try to explain that I have writing to do, and can't do that when they are home.  The following conversation ensues:

Boy-o: What do you write about, Mama?

Me: Well, I write about all kinds of things.  For school, I write about the things I am studying in my classes. And I also write about the things I experience, about life and the things that I see in the world around me.

Boy-o:  Oh.  I see... 

Long and thoughtful pause....

Boy-o: I saw a dead bird yesterday. It had no head.

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