Monday, April 8, 2013

random bits of beauty

Sometimes, the world is a bit argh. And blech. And just generally, meh.  Sometimes it feels incredibly overwhelming.  Sometimes, it seems as if you will feel this way (this way being, you know, generally crappy) forever.  Sometimes you are sure that nothing will ever change.  Sometimes, you are certain that those ghosts will always be the same sticky beasts hanging over your shoulder.  When I get mired in these sorts of sometimes, I find that trying to access, remember, and possibly-cling-to-like-a-drowning-person, those things in your life that are incredible, wonderful and in all ways lovely, is a helpful endeavour.  Thus, below, I've attempted to channel some inner and outer loveliness.

My random bits of beauty...

1. The dawning realization that I have *almost* completed my first year of school. (Holy effing f-bomb!)

2. The blue sky and puddly sidewalks that might just be announcing spring (for real this time).

3.  Getting sweet, kiss-filled photo messages from my vacationing babies and seeing the joy in their faces as they get all loved up by their mommy and their grandparents.

4.  Being able to look forward instead of backward.

5. Creating and recreating that tattoo I will get someday, when I find my money-tree.

6.  The feeling of euphoria when my body finally learns how to do that elusive spin.

7. Time alone and the hum of silence.

8. Recognizing that getting a B+ in Scholarly Editing *might* not actually kill me. And *might* not mean I'm a (total) idiot. And *might* not ruin me for life.

9. Writing the final line of a particularly vexing paper. Or, you know, finding the energy to start that particularly vexing paper.

10. The running, flying leap-into-the-arms, accompanied by a yell of "MAMMMMAAA!" and followed by a full-bodied hug that I get from Girlio every single time I pick her up from daycare.

11. That rare moment when Boy-o slows down long enough to nestle in for a coveted snuggle.

12.  Remembering that I still know how to belly-laugh. And how utterly delicious that feels.

13. Writing a blog that scares the living shit out of me, and getting the most amazingly wonderful feedback.

14. A message from a friend with just the right words at just the right time.

Loveliness.  It exists everywhere.  Now, to keep remembering...

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