Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sarah Bareilles makes sick mama cry... true story

Screw you Sarah Bareilles for writing the sweet song "Brave" and making a video full of beautiful, empowered, brave girls rocking out. And screw you George Takei for posting said video on Facebook so that I would see it and watch it and cry like a baby, after having watched two back-to-back romcoms (sweet jesus - no wonder I never watch tv - that shit is BAD for your mental health people - seriously!).

You know - I'm generally a pretty stone femme (at least that's the running, and likely untrue, joke) - but I hardly ever cry, even when I really want to. (I'm actually way tougher in real life than I seem to write myself on here, btw). But apparently, the combination of being sick, watching happy-happy romcoms and a sweet video that makes me think of my fiesty, fierce, brave Girlio - that shit knocks me right out.

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