Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More on the business of death...

So we're still stuck on this business of dying. Boy-o keeps asking, in distress, if you can come back after you die. To which I've generally been saying "No, I don't think so," and/or "This is a hard question to answer having never, you know, been dead." But today I did attempt to explain the belief of reincarnation, which I remember having given me some solace in my own childhood death crisis. Anyways, it went like this:

Me:  Well - some folks believe that after you die, you come back as something different.

Boy-o: stares at me with a blank look

Me: Okay - so if I died, I could come back for another life as something totally different, like a butterfly. And when I died as a butterfly, I could come back as an ant. And if someone stepped on me as an ant, I could be a buffalo. And then...

Boy-o: (interrupting and sounding bored and know-it-all ish). Yes, yes.  I see.  So - then the next time you'll come back as a dump truck. I get it.

You heard it here first folks - in my fifth life, I'm coming back as a dump truck.

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