Monday, August 8, 2011

Gender snippets from the bathroom

So, we spent the weekend at a Folk Festival, which was fabulous and fun and exhausting in a we're-carting- our-kids-around-with-us-at-a-music-festival-largely-meant-for-grown-ups kind of way.  (More blog to follow on this topic, in all likelihood).  Anyhow... this folk festival fun included many, many trips to the lovely blue portable potties.   And at one point, a converation between Girlio and I elicited some poorly muffled guffaws from our porta-potty neighbour to the left.  It went something like this:

Girlio:  What's that, Mama?
Me:  That's a urinal, honey.  It's for peeing in.
Girlio (confused):  Mama pee in there?
Me:  No - it's just for people who have a penis.
Girlio:  (very loud and excited as she is very into the idea of having a penis right now)  MAMA HAVE A PENIS!!!   

-enter first badly muffled neighbor guffaw -

Me:  Nope. I don't have a penis.
Girlio:  [Me] have a penis? 
Me:  Um, no, honey.  You have a vagina.  Mama has a vagina.  You and I are girls, so we have vaginas.  (pause for a second).  Although, that's not really a hard and fast rule.  Some girls have penises.  And some boys have vaginas.  (Girlio now looking at me with a very confused expression). 
Me:  We can talk more about that some other time...

-Enter full-on porta-potty neighbour laughter -

Clear as mud.

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  1. i love love love love love love love this post!!!
    we have a friend here with a gender variant child (is that the correct term now? is that what i am?) who has a friend who is 4 years old who tells almost EVERY adult she meets that sometimes girls have penises!!! i love this. i love that a tiny 4 year old is forcing conversations of gender variance with adults. like i know your kids will.

  2. You bet :). Wish wish we lived closer so y'all could be in their lives more.