Friday, August 19, 2011

A love letter to butches everywhere...

This is the longer form of what I posted on FB yesterday. It appears 500 characters isn't nearly, nearly enough to show my appreciation. I had to take out the wordy, flowery bits, which was highly irritating.  Anyhow - here's the longer form.

To all the beautiful butches of the world:

On International Butch Appreciation Day, I appreciate you.  Really.  A whole lot. I appreciate you putting up with 'Are you sure you're in the right bathroom, Sir?' for the 1000th time, even though it is tiring, exasperating, and so very wrong.  I appreciate your swagger in those jeans, the shine of your belt buckle, the thud and sass of those shitkicker boots, the flick of your Bic, and your willingness to put together my crappy IKEA shit (and, like, read the instructions).  I appreciate your toolbelt (and the way you wear it), your attitude (the tough and the soft of you) and the way you take up space in the world, unapologetic and fierce, in a world that says girls have to be girly and that you are an anomoly.  (You are not an anomoly.)  And I especially, especially appreciate the way you rarely fail to make me all weak in the knees. 

So here's to you, all you gorgeous butches out there. You make the world far a lovelier place to be.



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  1. that's beautiful. This boi thanks you. Crin

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  3. Crin - I published the second post just because I think the problem is fixed now. Let me know if it isn't and I'll investigate further.

    And thanks, from the bottom of my girly-girl heart... :)