Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunny days, everything's A-Okay...

I went to bed stressed, preoccupied.  The usual. 

But this morning felt like a giant exhalation.  Like I've holding my breath for weeks, and all of the sudden let it all out.  All kinds of goodness.  I awoke beside Girlio, as she was very cutely announcing to all who would listen that she was scared because an airplane and TWO dragons were in her bed.  And the sun was streaming in through the windows in all it's 6 a.m. glory.   We went through the usual breakfast and coffee routine and get ready for the day routine, and then headed out to the yard to be in the sunshine.  And it was so warm, and so bright, and the kids were so happy, and I got to break out a sundress and just feel the sun on my skin and listen to the peels of laughter emanating from my kids.  We decided to head for the park on bicycle, and half way there, Girlio suddenly throws her arms in the air outstretched, shouting "Hello SUN!" (which sounds even more deliciously like "Hewwo SUN!") and Boy-o picks this juncture to hop off his bike and steal me some alleyway dandelions.  Heart, meet mush.  Mush, meet heart.  Venture on to the playground, where we discover the spray park has been turned on.  And all proceed to get spectacularly wet.  (I also discover that I picked the wrong sundress to get spectacularly wet in.... sorry for the show neighbours - or you're welcome? Anyhoo...). When we had our fill of the (somewhat frightfully) cold water, we head home.  And have a picnic lunch in the backyard. 

And I looked around at my busily munching kids, felt my wet sundress quickly drying, put my bare feet on the grass, languished in the warmth and sun...

and felt happy.

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