Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mahwiage. Mahwiage is what bwings us togetha today....

Wuv.  Twue wuv.

Okay - so the blog title is an homage to Peter Falk of The Princess Bride and yes, also Columbo, fame. (R.I.P. Peter). 

But really, I want to talk about marriage.  Of the gays.  Actually - really I want to let other people talk about marriage and the gays, because I haven't had enough coffee yet to be even remotely coherent.    So - the things I have to say are this:  1.  New York legalized gay marriage.  Woot Woot!  2.  The folks who warn that this will only be a success for queer rights if it does not require ALL queers to marry to have their relationships recognized and acknowledged are absolutely right.  See this very well written article in the NY Times for more clever elaboration than I am capable of at this hour. 


  1. But now the door is open.. people will marry their dogs and goldfish! OMG the sky is falling the sky is falling!!!

    They'll marry their bathtubs! It's a proven fact!

    I will never, ever, even if I live to be 200 years old, understand why anyone but the people in love should have a say in the relationship.

    I think that the article in the times was very good, too. It's just that the people who really need to read/understand never will.

    They're scared. And I find that sad.

  2. the fabulous Laurie Macfayden also posted this article and she pulled the quote from it about how NOT having access to "legal marriage" has created a space for the coming together and building of relationships that are not reflected by our notions of marriage. I LOVE that - that re-inventing of commitment - and think that all my hetero friends should take a page from THAT book. It's great that marriage is AVAILABLE to everyone, i'm all about choice. but, in my experience, the most egalitarian, queer, balanced and satisfied relationships I see are between people (honestly, both homo and hetero) who have chosen their own way. coincidence? I'm not so sure....

  3. The fabulous Laurie M is in fact who I stole it from :)