Saturday, June 11, 2011

my little birds

This morning, I was roused at an ungodly hour to a set of chubby nearly two year old hands squishing my face right up to hers and whispering into my cheek: "I got you, Mama!", and one four and a half year old jumping up and down wildly on my bed,  looking out the window and shouting about needing to help his invisible friend, who was stuck up in our tree and unable to get down herself. 

Good morning, world :)

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  1. Your stories always remind me of when we had small children! Thank you! Now we are collecting grandson stories... which are equally delightful. He is presently talking about how babies are born and that Mama will make some strange noises when in labour. He likes to demonstrate his knowledge of anatomy... about where baby will come out... he has the wrong place at the moment( you can guess)... but he is only 2 and a half! PW