Friday, June 3, 2011

Old Milwaukee - "Don't Be That Guy..."

So - Old Milwaukee Beer has a really awful billboard (masquerading as, 'hey look at us, we're all retro cool') circulating across the country.  I haven't yet seen it in Old Redneckville, but to be honest, I'm generally too busy dolling out snacks, breaking up backseat fisticuffs and trying very hard not to crash my car to notice billboards much these days. 

For realz.

Now if ever there was a need for a sister billboard, immediately adjacent, with an image of the "Don't Be That Guy" campaign, this is it folks.  GROSS.

Please send a message and tell this company "Don't be that guy". 

You can file a complaint on - the company in question/questionable company is Pabst Brewing Company.


  1. hey I already have a complaint in with the Canadian Broadcast Standards folks about their TV ad "Free Girl with every can" that aired during the last playoff series. AWFUL. I can't believe such CRAP is still in play. *sigh*

  2. Hey -- the Milwaukee ad isn't here in Halifax, as far as I know. Definitely in East Van, though, near an area of heavy prostitution (including Kiddie Stroll).

  3. Know what pisses me off? People get paid huge salaries to think this shit up.

  4. Trust me, his salary isn't that huge.....

  5. Please boycott the Old Milwaukee beer ads with us: