Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Woman, No Cry | Trailer

Model (possibly former model?) Christy Turlington Burns has partnered with Planned Parenthood International to create a documentary about the crisis situation of maternal health and mortality worldwide. No Woman, No Cry's trailer is above, and will air on the Oprah Network (if you get it) on May 7th.  It's pretty much guaranteed to be a downer, as Turlington shares the stories of at-risk pregnaty women in four parts of the world, including a remote Maasai tribe in Tanzania, a slum of Bangladesh, a post-abortion care ward in Guatemala, and a prenatal clinic in the United States.  But we should watch it anyways. 

This is an issue that continues to grow worldwide - It is estimated that a woman dies every 90 seconds from maternal health related issues - and that a full 90% of these deaths are completely avoidable. Canadian citizens should be particularly disturbed by our leaders' reticence to fund safe abortion services under the umbrella of international maternal health care.  And we should all be outraged at what is happening regarding access to abortion across the border (and worried about what's going to happen in our own backyard too). 

Please head over to Every Woman Counts for more information - and avenues with which to take action on these issues.

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