Thursday, May 5, 2011


So - the newest phase in my so-called midlife crisis seems to be an enormous surge of impracticality.  I  need new clothes because my old ones have outgrown me.  And yet, while I seem to go out shopping with the intentions of new jeans and sneakers, I somehow come home with little hot pink dresses and spanky high heeled boots and other fancy things that, though thoroughly delicious, are also ridiculously impractical for a girl in my line of work. (Though, I suppose I am now thoroughly prepared for any pressing tea-party wardrobe needs that may arise during the course of the day).   I've probably mentioned this before, but just in case you missed it, the full time mom gig, it ain't glamourous. There isn't actually a ball at the end of the night.  And I'm spending money we really don't have (and that I didn't earn, at least not in the literal sense, and yes, yes I contribute in other ways, etc. etc. etc.) in the bizarre expectation that there might be.  (Next time, blue jeans, I swear).

In the meantime - what to do with the hot pink dress part of me?  She's been packed away for awhile.  And I really miss her.  But - I'm not sure that there's actually room for her in this house that I've made. 

And is that giving up?   Or growing up?

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