Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book browsing

So I'm  in a large chain bookstore the other day (I know - evil - but it's the only one I can go to with the kids without being looked at like I'm the devil, and that has good stuff to play with) and after being thouroughly annoyed with their gender studies section (which had three, count 'em, three titles), I head over to the parenting book section, which is considerably larger than the gender studies... interesting.  Anyways... I started taking in the titles -

The Parents We Mean to Be
Hold on to Your Kids
Raise Your Kids Without Rising Your Voice
Connected Parenting
Intuitive Parenting
Parenting From the Inside Out
The 10 Secrets of Happy Mothers
Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids
Raising Happiness
Free-range Kids
Bringing up Happy Children
Simplicity Parenting
Zen Momma

...and that's just the top fricking shelf. 

Does this make anyone else feel slightly nauseous, hopelessly imperfect, and so not "zen momma"?

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  1. No. It's just you.
    All the rest of us are goddamn perfect.


  2. LOL @ the above commenter ;)

    I'm a new follower (sort of, I swear I followed you before but I was just able to re-follow you so I guess I'm remembering wrong). Anyway, I wanted to share something with you. I just created a blog badge called "Families Respecting Families" and I thought you may be interested in sharing it!


  3. Trust me, there's nothing zen momma about this Momma Zen.