Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nerdmom's heart goes into overdrive

It's bedtime. I'm attempting to wrangle a four-year-old-conscientious-sleep-objector into his rocketship footy pyjamas, (the footy-ness of which I am incidentally quite jealous of). Anyways. He asks if I will do up the zipper for him, but let him do up the snap at the top. This is a bit curious, since manual dexterity isn't a strong point, and snaps are generally a great source of frustration for him, and I wonder if this isn't a new addition to the fine art of bedtime stalling. Then we have the following conversation, as he attempts and reattempts the business of the snap:

Me: Are you sure you wouldn't like some help?

Boy-o: Oh no thank you, Mama. I think I will just persevere.

A few minutes pass.

Boy-o: (forlornly) Mama? I just don't think I can persevere anymore.

Me: (totally unable to stop myself from laughing out loud). Okay buddy.

Boy-o:  Mama? Is persevere a funny word?

Me:  No.... Persevere is a great word. And you are a great kid.

Be. Still. My. Nerdy. Heart.

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  1. i love love love this! i'm a nerd. i love nerds. sigh...