Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wear your heart on your kids

Anyone else tired of the same old boring, pink and blue, stereotypically gendered kids clothes with craptastic messages? Well, have I got something for you... Read on only if you think your wallet is up for the challenge!

This company's website asks us to "Change the way we think about our girls" and boy do their products ever rock my feminist world! I will be dropping some of my wifey's hard-earned cash (please note implied self-depricating sarcasm, as clearly said cash is earned by my feminist stay-at-home mama ass also) here for sure.  With t-shirts and onesies that read: "When you wish upon a star" with a super cute picture of a female astronaut, "Call me in the morning" with a little girl as a doctor, and "I drive like a girl" with a winning race car driver on the front, and my personal fave, the little girl sailor with the caption "Always looking fora great sail," these tees are a surefire way to take a breather from princesses and various other forms of damsels in distress-y-ness.

Zazzle is another great site for lefty kid wear, and it's great for the little boys and little girls in our lives. From the boys tees that says "Let us play with dolls," or "Boy" with a butterfly illustration, to girls shirts that read "I may not want to get married when I grow up," or "No one's taught me to be bad at maths yet," these shirts are awesome! They also have some great sexism busting shirts about parenting, such as kids' tees and onesies that read: "My dad goes out to work. But can he really have it all?" (FUNNY!), or "You can discuss my care with Dad too," or my personal fave (what with our lack of dad-ness over here) "My mum's personal fulfillment makes me happy." Can I get a hallelujah? Fan-freaking-tastic, I say!

Awesome organic kid and baby wear with positive messages like "Be kind to small things," "I'll change the world one day," "recycle love," a gorgeous rendition of the First Nations message "We do not inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children," and several other lovely free-to-be-you-and-me kind of kids wear. This stuff is really beautiful. Check it out, and I guarantee that the only part of you that will be sorry is your wallet.

Little lefties boasts "clothes for social change" and they do not dissapoint. I've been eyeing up the sweet black "Question Authority" shirt for some time now, as well as their turn-pink-on-it's-ass pink onesie/tee that reads "STRONG" in big old letters. Also cute are "Future treehugger," "Future President" (though maybe not so apropos for us Canucks!) and "Goddess in the making!"

This kids clothes site doesn't specialize in politico-wear, but they certainly have some I'd love to buy! Examples of their wares include: "100% Organic," "Make cookies, not war," "Future Princess" (with the princess crossed out and president written in over top!), "Stop Wars" (using the Star Wars logo), and lots of other peace-nik and environmentalist wear. Good stuff. Super cute. Awesome messages!

And for those of you that need to do some gay-by shopping... loads of "I love my mommies/daddies/gay aunties/uncles/grandmas/grandpas" fare here. It also goes beyond that stuff, with loads of other rainbow loving options. (I particularly enjoy "Got Moms?" instead of "Got Milk?" Get it? Get it?!). Anyhoo. Good queer baby-fare with loads of options. LOADS.

So all ye lefty parents/grandparents/friends of children everywhere - kill time and internet shop with your conscience safely intact!   

(And don't hate me for posting this :-)

(And it goes without saying because obviously, obviously, obviously I'm not nearly cool enough for these to be paid endorsements, but there, now I've said it just in case you think I'm hocking people's wares for money!!!)



    That's one of my faves. Bought it for my cousin and her wife's small one about, hmm, nine years ago? 'Cause said small one ain't so small now.


  2. We have the "Got Moms?" one for Gavin, which gets a lot of comments [positive] when he wears it. I do wish it wasn't black though! I'll have to check out your other links. Thanks!