Friday, June 11, 2010

Lofty (um, read stupid) goals and Pride with small kids

Ahhh - such a dumb-ass am I.    Cute, but not too bright, as the saying goes. 

Gone are the days where I can carefree-ily march in the Pride Parade, get my gay on, drink beer in the beer gardens and then head out to party with my people all night.  Okay - truth be told, I was never actually that cool.  But still. 

Things I realized about my plan to march the entire pride parade with our kidlets.

1)  The parade starting point and ending point are far away from each other.   This brings up all kinds of logistical issues.  Where to park?  At the beginning, the end, or the middle?  What to do with the wagon and scads of helium ballons and tired and overstimulated childrens (who most certainly not be up for a ten block walk back to wherever the car is no matter what we decide) if we have to take public transportation to wherever our car is.

2)  The parade is in the middle of nap-time.  Oh, we're still going and getting our gay on.  It'll just require lots of sugar, bribery and coddling.  And then we're gonna pay for it later - that's I'm sayin'.

3)  Apparently one is supposed to register to march in the parade.  Even, like, to walk.  Who knew?

So here's the revised plan. 

1) We will still wear our gay-bow finery.  Oh yes we will.

2)  We will still soup up the wagon with balloons and stuff.

3)  We will bring lots and lots of cash for sugary treats of all varieties (along with a giant kidfriendly knapsack containing pretty much everything we own).

4)  We will park at the parade ending point, and try to walk up half-way and sneak into the parade mid-point.  Hopefully no one will ask if we registered :-)

5)  We will be fully prepared to use any forms of bribery available to us, as needed.

6)  Being out and proud used to be logistically easier.  Just sayin'



  1. Word. Never thought naptime time would be such a crucial aspect of Pride. But there you go.

  2. Register to walk? That's absurd. Must be some legal capacity thing to control traffic I'd guess.

  3. And totally unrelated wow do I love the colours in this page! So energizing!