Thursday, January 26, 2012

Points of Contention

Points of contention.
High Points. low points.  Points of endless crying. Aching points. And points where no point is readily available.  I don't give a rat's ass points.  Stunning points of clarity. (points of none.)  'Fuck You!' and I-want-to-throw plates-at-the-wall points. (points of rage). i'm minuscule and alone in this world points.  Points Surrounded.  points loved.  Small bony limbs in a haphazard tangle around me points.  Ugly Hard Points. Thousands upon thousands of pin-pricking points of desire.  Points alternately slippery and sure-footed. perfectwordsrollingoffmytonguepoints. Points of silence, stuttering, stiltedness.  Points of terror.  Wild heart banging right out of my chest points.  Mouth Wide and Singing at the Top of my Lungs Points.  The points where each of your fingertips gently touched my face.  Longing points, heartsore.  Points of Losing It All.  Me*me*me points and points that threaten to swallow me whole.  Dancing in spite of it all points.  Remembering points.
Points of departure.


  1. hm. this is the kind of stuff people in love write. are you people in love? whats going on here?

  2. Next -nope, definitely not in love. Interesting that it reads like that to you though. It felt more like grappling with life kinda stuff when I wrote it...