Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Wills and the Won'ts: A Mantra of sorts

I will move forward, in my own way, on my own time.
I won't let fear make my decisions.
I will trust my intuition; which never, ever fails me.
I won't run away even if I'm certain I'll be left or hurt or otherwise squashed.
I will wear my heart on my sleeve, right where it's always been and right where it belongs.
I won't be ashamed.
I will honour the Golden Retriever in me.
I won't try to be that cool girl I've never been.
I will be intense, intense, intense.  And if it's too hot, I'll tell you to get your hands outta the fire.
I won't change myself in anyone else's image.
I will dance my ass off in my kitchen, whether the neighbours can see me or not.
I won't try to curb my feelings, my heart, my desires.
I will be goofy and silly and funny and freakish.  Because I am goofy and silly and funny and freakish.
I won't apologize anymore.  (Unless I've actually been an asshole).  Because I won't be sorry for being...
I will be brazen.  And bold.  And all kinds of bad-assed.
I won't silence myself.
I will let myself be hopeful.
I won't drown myself out in second-guessing.  Or third-guessing.  Or fourth.

I will try.


  1. Where's the LOVE button on this damn site...?

  2. GIRL. I am totally printing this out and putting it up in my kitchen. Rock on :)