Saturday, July 9, 2011

The sound of therapy

Ever wondered what sound your kids future therapy makes? Girlio's apparently sounds like SQUEAK!

Girlio has, of late, rediscovered her baby giraffe squeaky toy. And insists on falling asleep with it. And also insists on using it as a tool in her already stacked arsenal of sleep resistance tricks. She NEEDS to snuggle the giraffe. And the giraffe squeaks when you squeeze it. You see how this might be a situation of un-fun-ness for the parentals of Girlio.

So - enter a particularly bad night of trying to get Girlio down. Giggle. Squeak. Gigglesqueak. Mama lays down law. Quiet. Squeak. Peals of laughter. Law riot act. Quiet. Fake snores. SQUEAK. This went on. And on. Until Mama, in a fit of parental frustration grabbed said giraffe. And threw it across the room. Where it hit the wall and landed with a resounding squeak. Perhaps not my finest hour. But very, very satisfying.

Now, days later, whenever Girlio gets mad at me for various reasons, she looks accusingly through tears and reminds me: Mama threw giraffe-y. SQUEAK!

And that friends, is the sound of future therapy.

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