Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Kia, really?

So - I was reading the daily blog post by Phd in Parenting, which yesterday was all kinds of holy shit disturbing.  Advertising is bad (of course, not all of it - but I'm talking the mainstream stuff).  Advertising is exorbitantly saturated with sexist, misogynist, racist, homophobic and other kinds of all around yucky imagery.  But an ad that actually overtly celebrates a male teacher imagining how sexy and buxom his grade-school female student will become?  All kinds of icky-unacceptable-gross (Um, yeah, it's a word - look it up ;)  It was run in Brazil by Kia.  Yup.  Kia. 

And this ad - apparently - it won an advertising award.  For reals.  It can be seen here, at Peggy Orenstein's blog.  Doesn't look ironic to me.  Doesn't look funny to me, or tongue-in-cheeky (which when done well, I'm all about).  It sure all hell isn't hot.  It's just, well, icky-unacceptable-gross.  It makes me stinkin', hoppin', holy-mother-fuckin' mad.  That could easily be a depiction of my kids.  Or yours. 

Wanna tell Kia where to go?  You can do it here:  They also have posted their statement regarding said ad.


  1. It won an award because it makes lots of money for Kia. So, we know Kia thinks selling grade school children out is worth making a few more bucks on selling cards. Yes, totally unacceptable.

  2. I think the person who came up with the idea may need to be investigated. There has to be something pretty weird in his or her past.

    I saw that ad a couple weeks ago on someone's blog and was just... horrified.

  3. The link appears to be dead, already. You can sign a petition at

    The US disclaimer "we knew nothing, don't tar us with that brush" - so not helpful. I appreciate they don't endorse it, but what are you DOING about it.