Saturday, April 30, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things....

A totally brainless post for a totally brainless day -

1.  Book (okay, had to separate this one up, b/c that's just too hard!)
fiction: Sula - Toni Morrison  (with too many runner-ups to even mention)
nonfiction:  Revolting Bodies - Kathleen Lebesco or maybe Brazen Femme - Chloe Brushwood Rose and Anna Camilleri
parenting: Bad Mother - Ayelet Waldeman

2.  Poem
'Helen of Troy Does Counter Dancing' - Margaret Atwood (from morning in the burned house)

3.  Colour
Purple, maybe?  Or Red.  And sometimes pink.  (Decisiveness has never ever been my strong suit).

4.  Song (again - too hard.  Favourite song this second ;)
'Locked Up' - Ingrid Michaelson

5.  Car
Suzuki Sx4...but only in baby blue 

6.  Movie
The Princess Bride (followed closely by The Sound of Music, as this post's title will attest :)

7.  Drink
Pinot Grigio's with pretty labels (yes, I'm a simple, simple girl)

8.  Article of clothing (can't just have one.  and have to include coordinating footwear.  Issues). 
Toss up between sundresses and flip flops, and well-fitting jeans paired with heels.  Happy making.

9.  Place
Tough one.  Probably Halifax.

10.  Place in Edmonton
Yet to be to suggestions for contenders ;)

11.  Latte
London Fog or Vanilla Bean (very mood dependant, caffeine is)

12. Album (Too hard. Must have 2)
Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson
Hymns from the 49th Parallel - k.d. lang

13.  Comfort food
Chocolate.  Unequivocally.

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