Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot mess on the school run

So I got this new haircut last weekend. And new glasses. And a few bits of new clothes. And awesome new value village boots. You could say I've been feeling a but, well, kicky. I've been taking care of myself- making time to blow dry, hauling out the flat iron, taking more time with my make up. I've been feeling enervated, getting out the door on time, with reasonably groomed children to boot. I starred thinking that I'd finally gotten it together (you know, now that it's April!)

But that was Monday and Tuesday. It's Wednesday now folks, and the hot mess returns. I've got lopsided hair, slapped on make-up, and remnants of the children's oatmeal on my pants. Said oatmeal also graces the children's faces. (And much of Girlio's hair. Hey! You try getting oatmeal out of someones hair. That is some sticky shit!). And Boy-o's hair could give Corey Hart a run for his money. And it took both L. and I to load the traveling gong show up this morning.

So friends - you can dress her up in good boots and new hair - but she's still a hot mess on the school run.

(and, just in case you were wondering about my priorities, we got to school a bit early - miraculously - so I could've at least attempted to clean up the little mess brigade. But then - I would've lost my five seconds to write about it all, and where's the fun in that?!)

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