Tuesday, April 19, 2011

breaking up with SH

I had the amazing opportunity the other day to be a part of a breaking up with Stephen Harper video.  It was very cathartic. It was made by amazing local filmmaker and library goddess Tanya Driechel.  You can watch it and share it from here: http://youtu.be/0ifqwCLhzLA.  

Anyways - to get in the mood, I wrote our old PM a good old fashioned break up letter.  So, here goes:

Dear Stephen,

I'm just going to rip off the bandaid from the get go, okay?  I'm going to be honest.  I don't love you. Truth is, I've never really loved you. 

Because you've never been good for me like you swore you would be.  And you said you'd be good for my children, too, right before you stole our daycare money. You took money from women's organizations (and children's organizations, and anti-poverty organizations, and...).  Status of women, schmatus of women, right?!  You know, I just can't keep dating a guy that doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose. 

**Do you even like women? **

Settle down now - I'm not asking if you're gay - because you've made it abundantly clear that you don't so much like the gays.  

It just seems like you aren't so keen on women either.  Or poor people. Or kids. Or students.
Or people exercising their right ot protest.  Or pretty much anyone who disagrees with you.

Yeah - you're kind of a bully. 

And you're totally shifty.  And the dudes you hang out with are super shifty too. You should have learned by now that us gals don't really respond well to shifty.  We need openness, honesty, transparency, reflexivity.  Fancy words meaning we like the straight goods, Stephen.  We like to know where we stand, you know?  I feel like you have an agenda that you're not sharing with me, Stephen.  Maybe because it isn't exactly in MY best interests.  

And as if that all wasn't enough, I'm really uncomfortable with some of the people you've been getting into bed with.  Now I'm pretty open-minded, but I'm sory to tell you that's one tea-party this girl just isn't going to.

There's so so so many more bones I have to pick with you, but I don't want to kick you when you're down.  (Well, maybe just a bit).

You know, I just can't get behind your social-program-decimating-Walmart-prison-building-down-with-freedom-of-speeching-media-muzzling-tax-breaks-for-the-richest ass.  And climate change?  What climate change, right? 

You and I - we're done.  Through.

Canada and I, we need a nice, clean break Steve.

Regards (but not high ones),

Mama T


  1. Amen! Great letter, great video... maybe I should do one in my city!

  2. On behalf of the sane people living in the states - I am so, so sorry we've infected you with our political lunatics. Your PM sounds a whole lot like the mean and crazy whack jobs we have in office down here. And I thought I'd be safe if only I could move to Canada. *sigh*