Friday, July 9, 2010

please take a moment

and add your voice to this petition.  Sakinah Mohammadi Ashtiani has been imprisoned and confessed to adultery under torture.  She was then sentenced to death by stoning.  Iran has since backed away from the stoning sentence under internation pressure, but has not ruled out the death penalty by other means.  Please take a few seconds and add your voice to call for her release.  Then take a few more seconds and share this link.  Thanks!

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  1. Done. The situation in Iran is frightening. Just before I left Turkey, I went to Cappadocia for a final visit. There, I met the first out lesbian I'd encountered in my five years in Turkey. She was Iranian, stopping temporarily in Turkey before heading to the US, with hopes of remaining their permanently. Her family had smuggled her over the border into Turkey, as she was at fatal risk of persecution in Iran.