Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm a FB loser...

I have an announcement to make.  I'm sure this will come as a surprise and shock to many people (well, at least all 30 of my dedicated followers, who by the way I am totally in love with for reading my bloggin' from time to time). 

Here goes:  I am a Facebook loser

Yes.  It's true.  The kind everyone talks about behind their back.  "Gawd - I just can't stand those people who talk about their children nonstop on Facebook, I mean get a life!" 

Or alternatively, "Gawd - why do people update their status so much on facebook, I mean get a life." 

Or alternatively alternatively, "Facebook is not actually communicating with people, get on the phone or send an email or talk to someone in person... get a life".

1.  I have a life.  I do.  It's just in a smaller world (though not, I would like to point out, narrower) in scope than some people's.

2.  I am a full-time stay at home mama.  My kids are my kids.  My kids are my job.  My kids are my co-workers (my itty, bitty, mouthy colleagues).  My kids are my bosses.  They are the people I deal with most on a day to day (and let's face it, on a night to night) basis.    I talk about them because I love them.  Because the neat things they do in a day are a sign of a job well done.  And the crappy things they do in a day are a sign of working for super-tough-demanding bosses.   I talk about them because I need to believe that what I do here is not unimportant, not invisible, and that I am not the only one who cares.

3.  I am lonely.  My chosen vocation is a lonely-making one.  Just the way it is.  I frequent facebook on and off all day long because it is a way for me to feel connected to something bigger - to a world outside of my  inner sanctum.  I update my status a lot because  I like to think that people, particularly my peeps in a similar situation to me, might read them and, I don't know - give a shit?  Have a giggle?  Commiserate? 
And just so ya know, they do.

4.  I don't get on the phone because I hate the phone.  I don't like picking up the phone to chat.  I'd love to chat in person, but I have two little adorable and loving ball and chains that make such face-to-faces a bit tricky.  And my children (as well as most people's children) HATE THE PHONE.  When I pick up the phone to chat with someone, misbehaviour (of the definite purposeful variety), crying, whining, and general yuckiness abounds.  So I'm here to tell ya - communication via Facebook is all kinds of better than communication by telephone. 

5.  And email vs. Facebook... really?  Can somebody please tell me what the difference is?

So however people want to trashtalk facebook - I'm here to tell ya, I'm not quittin'.  (And I know I'm not alone in my FB dependency). 

I'm a FB loser... and I'm okay.


  1. Mama T, I completely agree with each of your points. I do work, but I work from home, and I use FB as backup office mates, as well as to break the mama-induced isolation. Personally, I get a great chuckle from your updates because they reflect my reality too. Don't stop! The options are less attractive (drugs, alcohol, etc etc ;o)

  2. agreed Mama T! oh do i EVER agree with all your points! you wrote exactly the way i feel. i guess that makes me a FB loser too! :0) love reading your posts...keep them coming please! *hugs*

  3. My name is Steff & I'm a FB loser too!! At least that way I get to connect with my family, who all live at least 5000 miles away, in a different time zone, plus the friends I've made via my former life as an employee, both here & in England.

    Totally agree with all your points! ;D

  4. Prairiemom, don't forget the fellow FB losers you've met through past co-employees.

    I am a FB loser, as well, for the added reason that me getting on the internet is a rebellion against the constant demands the bosses put on me. Oh wait, bad mommy?

  5. As well you know, I'm a facebook loser right along with you.