Friday, September 30, 2011

Those lovely moments

I love, with all my heart, those sweet kid moments that can come wrapped up in the pockets of everyday frenzy and go-go-go-ness. Today, on the way to school, I got to eavesdrop on a conversation between my children, in which they bickered good naturedly over who would miss who more whilst Boy-o was away at school. And then, post drop-off, before Girlio passed out cold, she yelled animatedly into her pink sparkly Maryjane shoe, turned phone. SayIng over and over: "whaaaaat? I can't hear you! It's too loud in my rocket ship! I'll call you back on Earth!"

1. I have a Big, mooshy, swoon-y mama heart.
2. I hope all rockets cone equips with sparkly pink Maryjane shoe phones for the astronauts.

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