Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catch 22

I was talking to someone awhile ago about the real challenges posed by being both an introvert and a stay-at-home parent. The primary one is, of course, never getting to be alone. I don't do anything alone, including trips to the bathroom and, at present, even sleeping arrangements involve close up time with the kiddies. And then there's the always having to be 'on'. And you know, talking. Or rather, responding to talking. Eeep! And so I fantasize about having alone time quite a bit.

But then, the catch 22. Which is that this work is also achingly lonely. And opportunities to be with other grown-ups sans littles few and far between. So I kinda don't want to be alone. Except that I do.

Funny that.

(Or not.)

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  1. It is a conundrum. As a solid extravert, who thrives on company, I also crave alone time, and meaningful time with wife and friends - so I can't imagine the intensity you might be feeling.

    The irony is, that when I find a few moments alone, I often fritter it away, as if, if it is not going to make a stable, regular appearance I can rely on, I am not going to entertain the possibility. sad.

    This is Kate, btw.