Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yesterday was a 14 hour solo day with the kids, after a really long week. We did pretty good, barring a few minor tantrums (mine) following a few major tantrums (theirs). But it was a lonnnng day, I got absolutely nothing done on my to-do list, the house was beyond a train wreck and though relieved we'd all made it through the day in one piece, I mostly felt defeated by my inability to get shit done.

Then, last night, around the lovely hour of four a.m., I awoke in Girlio's bed to 'Mama - I'm wet!' and a diaper malfunction. Middle of the night fun times.

And then here we are this morning. I'm zapped. I hate mornings like this, when I should have new energy and patience, and instead, every whine makes me twitch. Every sibling scrap is fingernails on a chalk board. My responses, less than kindly parental.

But this afternoon, I get a haircut. And an hour or so to myself to wander through shops or have quiet coffee time while L takes the kids out with some friends of ours. And tonight, I'm going out dancing.

Never has a 'me-time' break felt more well-timed.

Postscript add on - just after writing this, L. got out of bed and Boy-o shouts 'hooray, my favorite mommy!'.

Break. Well-timed.

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