Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Question Period

We seem to have entered the phase of questions in our household.   Make that, the phase of unending questions.  Torture by questions.  (Okay, maybe that's a tad dramatic.  Okay Fine.  You got me.  Some of the questions in question are clearly adorable and lovely and all kinds of cute and demonstrate all the ways my smalls are super clever.  It's just that they go on forever.  Like that 'song that never ends'.  Or 'Stairway to Heaven'.) 

Strangely, though both kids are cleary ensconsed in different developmental phases, BOTH of said phases involve copious amounts of queries.

Girlio is into figuring out how things work around the house. Her constant refrain is "What doing? What doing? WHY?"  or alternatively, "Why Mama?  Why?".  The former is exceedingly cute and the latter exceedingly funny, because it always comes out sounding entirely theatrical.  

And Boy-o seems to be trying to figure out how out how pretty much eveything in the world works. His questions start first thing in the morning and keep up a steady pace all day long. Some are obsession specific (current obsessions include all things planetary and firefighting).  Things like "why is smoke stinky?",  "Why is fire hot?",  "Why isn't Pluto a planet anymore?"... "Is Pluto sad about it?", fall into this line of questioning. 

And then there are the running commentary questions (which can drive a mama MAD, I tell you!)  These are the background noise to every storytime or video.  The kinds of questions that could easily be answered by being quiet and actually listening to the story or video in question.  "Why is he doing that?",  "Mama! What is she thinking?", "What is that person doing?", "Why don't you know?", "Mama? What's in that bag?", "What's going to happen next?", "Is he sad?", "Mama? What is she wearing?", and so on and so forth and so on and so forth. 

The third variety of questions are what I like to refer to as the "grand" questions.  Ones for which I could not even possibly hazzard a remotely educated guess.  My favourite so far happened just yesterday. 

Boy-o: "I wonder what everyone is doing?" 
Me: "All of your classmates?" 
Boy-o: "NO!" (clearly exasperated that this question has to be explained).  "Everyone in the whole world!"

(Just try and answer that one ;)

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