Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and in the queer news today...

Big queer love goes out to the New Democrats for bringing forward the transgender protection bill!  And a big ole queer YAY!, it made it through the first hurdle.  And now it's off to the Conservative Senate... so, I guess, as we parents love to say: "We'll see."  (You'll find particularly heartwarming how critics of the bill worry that this bill will be used to protect pedophiles.  Really?  Really?  We're still there??  Anyhoo.)

And big queer flip-da-birdy goes out to Dr. Phil.  Dr. Phil advised a woman in the throes of hysteria that her son played with 'girl toys,' not to let him do it any longer.   Yes indeedy.  Quick to point out that playing with 'girl' toys did not mean her son was gay, Dr. Phil felt it best not to reward the behaviour in case it led to further 'confusion'.  Yup.  Yes.  He did.   Keeping those (ridiculous and unnecessary) gender restrictions firmly intact.  All in a days work...


  1. "Dr." Phil is an asswipe. I've always thought so.

  2. Love it! This is off topic I guess but this is stirring some controversy apparently. (I'm not sure why)

  3. Dr Phill is an idiot! My now daughter was a typical boy growing up,the only time he played with a barbie was to throw her on the roof.He was up to his navel in the mud with tip trucks etc once he was in his teens he had an empathy for women and womens issues and didn't feel he had a lot in common with other men finding their attidude to women deplorable in a lot of cases. I really don't feel the toy issue has anything to do with "furher confusion" Now she can explain to me where all those feelings came from and that there was never a "phase" and that "manning her up" would nothave changed anything.