Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting stuff done

I am often frustrated and down on myself because I can't seem to get anything accomplished.  I start the day with good intentions, I start 'x, y, or z' tasks with good intentions, and then somehow at the end of the day, it looks like I've mostly gone backwards. 

In the past, I've been inclined to chalk this up to my ineptitude as a homemaker.  (and truth be told, there is still some truth to this).

But yesterday, I had an eye-openning experience.

I put Girlio down for her nap.  I plunked Boy-o in front of a Diego video (his current fave.  Nay - his current love affair!) with the promise that after a brief half hour run, we would do his super-fun kids yoga video together.   Can anyone guess how long that half hour run actually took me?  Anyone? 

(drumroll please!)  One hour and 17 minutes. 

Yes.  For real.  I was interrupted and had to hop off that f*cking treadmill nine times.  Nine times!  Boy-o didn't like that episode.  Or the next one.  He had to pee and needed me to come with him.  Then he didn't like the next episode either.  Girlio awoke wretchedly early from her nap and I tried in vain to resettle her while Boy-o non-cooperatively shouted and banged unknown objects in the basement below us.  Boy-o had a temper tantrum and begun hurling himself about and screaming at bloodcurdlingly at me because I refused to get off the treadmill for a tenth time to do I-can't-even-remember-what.  This all culminated in me having a temper tantrum and yelling something highly innappropriate, like, 'GODDAMIT - can't you just give me 2 minutes?  JUST LEAVE ME ALONE FOR TWO MINUTES!', which of course resulted in a child crying wounded my-mama-is-bad tears and me feeling rotten and terrible for the last two-ish minutes of my very, very disjointed (and can I say, highly unfulfilling) run. 

This.  This right there - is exactly why I can't get anything done.  It's not that I'm a crappy housewife.  (Okay - if we're being totally honest - it is also because I am a crappy housefrau).  But mainly - mainly it appears to be because I have children

A rotten way to spend an hour and 17 minutes?  Most definitely. 

But a breakthrough nonetheless!

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