Friday, October 9, 2009

some random questions

Questions that occurred to me today:

1.  Why would anyone order a pumpkin pie blizzard?  (Seems wrong when you could order a chocolate brownie blizzard, in my humble opinion.)

2.  Why do my children refuse to nap at the same time?

3.  When did I get to the age where all the wrinkle ads were directed at ME?

4.  Why do all wrinkle creams recommend avoiding the eye area?

5.  Where exactly do the wrinkle lotion people think wrinkles start?

6.  Why did that woman over there think it was okay to wear a faux leather Oilers baseball hat?   Outside the house.  (Or in, for that matter.)

7.  Why did the Oilers franchise approve the making faux leather baseball hats?

8.  Though he knows the name of every vehicle known to humanity, why does Oliver insist on asking "What's that mama?  What's that?" every second vehicle we pass while driving?  Is it his version of a parent pop-quiz or is he just trying to piss me off?

9.  Is there such a thing as Carpel "mom" syndrome?  (I have no feeling left in my right arm and suspect this is a momming injury.  Either that or my body is having backwards heart attack symptoms).

10.  Why don't more important questions occur to me anymore?

That is all.

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