Sunday, October 11, 2009

the bright side

I think it's fairly safe to say that I'm a glass half empty kind of girl.   Not saying it's one of my finer qualities - just the way I seem to be programmed.   I get lost in pictures of humanity's worst, the bad news, the fact that there is so much work still to do to make our lives and communities, better, safer, and more just.  It is one of my great challenges in life to see the bright side of things, and it is a challenge I fail at more often than not.

So, in an effort to get down with my bright side, here's a few things for which I am eternally grateful:

1.  My children are fucking amazing.  Don't get me wrong.  They drive me absolutely nuts every day.  They are challenging and hard work to raise.  But I have this son, this little dude, who is all at once inquisitive, bright, impetuous, precocious, gentle, empathetic, adventurous and every bit as stubborn as his mama.  Watching the world through his eyes has been and always will be a gift.  And our wee daughter, our second miracle, is a delight.  Witnessing the emergence of her personality is so much fun.  She is already showing signs of being a delightful combination of watchfulfulness and goofiness.  And the way she chats, smiles and giggles just she drifts off to sleep... it gets me everytime.  I know the world is going to be a better place for having them in it, and I can say with certainty that they have made me a better, stronger, more loving person.

2.  My wife - she's beautiful inside and out, brilliant, and full of passion for life.  Somehow, she's managed to put up with me for 11 years.  She knows me better than anyone, and she's still here.  That's no small thing.  She loves me, half-empty glass and all.      

3.  The unconditional love of my three (sometimes messy, annoying, and overly needy)furbabies.

4.  My family.   We love each other and we drive each other nuts and we love each other still, through dark times and happier times. Because that's what families do.

5.  In my adventures across this country, I've met so many wonderful and amazing people who I am lucky enough to call my friends, and who forgive me for being absolutely crap at keeping in touch.

6.  Brisk fall air, fall clothes, fall colours, falling leaves. 

7.  Edmonton, I know, has gotten a bad rap from me.   It's true that I call it Dreadmonton.  It's definitely not my favourite place we've lived.  It sure ain't the prettiest place in the world.  It is not, nor will it ever be, a queer mecca.  But in amongst the rednecks, this place has grown some lovely people.  The river valley is quite lovely.  My wife loves her job here.  I get to live near my in-laws, who are pretty cool folks.  And I'm much closer to my family in Winnipeg, too.   Not all bad, in my estimation.

8.  There is still so much more work to be done in this country we live in.  But -  that I am living in a place where all people can vote without getting our hands cut off, where we aren't jailed for political beliefs that oppose our government, where queers can get married, where we have medicare, where we can fall asleep without hearing guns going off and bombers whizzing by... these are all things to be thankful for.  

9.  I love, love, love music.  It helps get me through the day.  Right now, I am particularly thankful for having found the music of Ingrid Michaelson, Allie Moss, Regina Spektor, and The Weepies.

10.  My blog.  I love my blog.  I love being able to blog.  Even if no one else were to ever read it, feeling like I have something to say again has been a bit of a salvation.

My cup (or in my case, glass,) runneth over, as they say.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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