Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thoughts for my daughter heading into International Women's Day

Dearest Girlio -

May you always be the bossy, bad-ass person that you are right now. May you always be this fierce and passionate. May you never even come close to being the people-pleaser your mama has been, and always recognize the importance and strength of you.  May you always be as aware of your sense of safety and personal boundaries as you are at 3 years old.

And (even though, I'm kinda screwing myself over here, parentally speaking, may you never, never, never be, or feel pressured to be, a 'good girl.'

All my love,

Your bad-girl Mama

p.s. Of course, I wish all of these things for your brother, too. But we live in a world in which taking up space will be expected of him, and not of you.

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