Sunday, March 31, 2013

oh, spring...

I am done.  Except that I'm not done at all.  I have two papers and a seminar still to do before done-ness occurs.  And then of course, the done-ness is only very, very temporary.  I've done fairly okay this term, given the fact that I like neither of my courses not one whit. ZERO excitement about the work, unfortunately.  It's not even remotely stimulating or happy-making in other ways.  One class, for which I am reading some so-so Can Lit, isn't horrendous.  And the other class, the prof is rather lovely, but the subject matter makes me want to jump off of a cliff out of boredom and just generally not-caring-ness.

So, instead of getting going on the things I *should* do but care not a whit about, I'm really much more focussed on the things I *want* to do.  And it's spring. Finally.  And the sun keeps shining.  And the snow keeps melting. And I have this terrible/wonderful urge to adopt a dog. And take it for long sunshine-y walks, both of us soaking up spring-y goodness and much needed seratonin after a long, long, lonnnnnnggggg winter.

And I want to get on my pole and dance myself breathless.  And I want to write.  And cook fabulous food.  And have long existential talks with my life-loves.  And see films.  And get my paints out again.  And do all of those wonderful things that feed me as a person (which last term, blessedly, school work was also doing).

I wonder what it's going to take to get this shit done...

Last minute panic, where are you?!?!? I need you!


  1. I am soooo there with you Tash! I'm currently writing from my pit of learning in the basement, away from the sunshine and my littles on a day I'd much rather spend with them. I DO like my course, and the research project I'm working on. I could just use a bit more time on weekends that aren't also holidays. :(

    Soon we'll have a moment to breathe and do the fun bits that feed our souls... soon! (Then... I registered for Spring Term...)


  2. Oh man. Hang in there, Julianne! I admire your drive. Right now, I am drive-less :)