Friday, February 17, 2012

The young mademoiselle requests

Girlio, having just woken up from a nap, was grumpy. And hungry. Neither of which is a rare post-nap occurrence.

So, I went about trying to ascertain what the wee bear would like for a snack. We go through the snack cupboard. To no avail. Raisins, crackers, fruit bars, cranberries - all completely unacceptable, and are met with resounding 'no's!'.

'Mama!!!' she bellowed with no small amount of exasperation, 'I want something COLD!'. As if this were somehow commonsensical. (parents really are morons sometimes ;))

So - off to the fridge we went. Cheese? No. Sandwich? No dice. Carrot sticks? Uh-uh. Girlio is now getting supremely annoyed with me. 'Those are not my choices Mama! I do NOT choose those!'

'Okay baby - what do you choose?' I queried, getting a bit frustrated myself.

And what is it the wee grump happily chose for snack today, you might wonder?

A giant bowl full of olives. Yup. That's what she chose.

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