Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bits of goodness

February has been a hard month over at the home of Mama T and co.  But - in the hopes of maintaining some positivity in said home, I'm going to use this blog to remind myself of the small, but not insignificant, bits of wonder and fun February brought.

So - in no particular order:

1.  snow forts
2.  sparkly diamond snow
3.  ginger sparkle cookie baking
4.  an outdoor running lesson in a blizzard, which sounds craptastic, but was remarkably enjoyable.
5.  watching blowing snow and blizzard-y goodness swirl across a frozen lake from a huge cabin window.
6.  a visit with a new friend
7.  good chats with good wine with good friends
8.  dancing in a saucy outfit
9.  many kitchen dance parties with the littles
10. good book club reads

So - As it turns out - February wasn't a wash after all :)

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