Friday, February 10, 2012


So, I was chatting with someone last night about our pet peeve mispronunciations.  Mine include libARY and FUStrated, and her list was topped by EXpecially.  I've got others, but those are the two that make me want to crawl under the table.  It makes me very, well, frustrated.

Anyhoo - it got me to thinking a bit about the way my kiddos say some words incorrectly.  And about the fact that I freaking LOVE this (a hypocrite, me).   For example, Girlio is fond of saying hostible instead of hospital.  And Boy-o says McChemicals instead of chemicals.  (Perhaps I should cut down on his Grey's Anatomy ;).   There are a few others too, but those are the most frequent.  I can't help it.  I find it rotten-stinking cute.  And so I don't really go toooooo far out of my way to correct them.  (And when I try they don't really believe me anyways!).

I know I should probably be giving a little more of a concerted effort to correcting them.  But honestly, I'll be kinda sad when they figure out that hospital and chemicals and other corrected pronunciations are the way to go, because, among other things, it'll mean they're getting all grown up on me.  And I'm fairly confident they'll figure it out themselves prior to adulthood.

In my own defence,  both my 2.5 and 5 year old can correctly pronounce library, frustrated and especially.  (And use them in a stellar sentence or two.)  So that's gotta count for something.


  1. My daughter always said 'mustappeared" when she meant 'disappeared'. It was so freaking cute but I always had to interpret for her. She also couldn't get the "y" sound in yellow, she said lellow. I miss that. She sounds like such a grown up now. You'll be happy you have this record in a couple of years. I almost forgot what her mispronunciations were.

  2. My favourite was "eyebulb". Cory poked me in the eyebulbs!